Our Coaches

We are incredibly proud and honored to call these wonderful humans coaches at Higs Academy! 

As you will read, our coaches have a variety of skills and interests, but one thing that is a constant for all is their extreme care for our students and their desire to be a positive part of their Higs journey! 

We hope you enjoy learning a bit more about them below!

Byron Higinbotham Higs Coach

Byron Higinbotham

Head Coach & Co-Owner

Emmy Higinbotham Higs Coach

Emmy Higinbotham

Co-Owner & Functional Fitness Coach

Kim Adams Higs Coach

Kim Adams

Higs Academy Manager

Nancy Higinbotham Higs Coach

Nancy Higinbotham

Assistant Rock Steady Boxing Coach

Jason Kuhlman Higs Coach

Jason Kuhlman

MMA & Birthday Party Coach

John Eaton Higs Coach

John Eaton

Youth BJJ Coach

Tyler Maddox Higs Coach

Tyler Maddox

Functional Fitness Coach

Haley Maddox Higs Coach

Haley Maddox

Functional Fitness Coach

Rachel Chastain Higs Coach

Rachel Chastain

Assistant Youth Jiu Jitsu Coach

Nathan Hubler Higs Coach

Nathan Hubler

Youth Parkour & BJJ Coach

Arie Kuyper Higs Coach

Arie Kuyper

Youth Parkour & BJJ Coach

Chad Walker Higs Coach

Chad Walker

Nogi Jiu Jitsu Coach

Amaerni Sanchez Higs Coach

Amareni Sanchez

Youth Jiu Jitsu Coach

Sarah Duron Higs Coach

Sarah Duron

Assistant Parkour Coach

Eilif Jacobson Higs Coach

Eilif Jacobson

Youth Parkour Coach

Peter Hulce Higs Coach

Peter Hulce

Adult BJJ Coach

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