Parkour is the art of movement. It can be summarized as moving through your environment with quickness and efficiency while negotiating any obstacle that may be in your way by jumping, climbing, and vaulting.

Higs Performance Academy offers parkour classes for kids and teens. We utilize both the 5,000sq/ft indoor obstacle gym as well as the 3 acres of outdoor space designed for obstacle racing, parkour, and functional fitness training. Both the indoor and outdoor areas are constantly changing and evolving, and you can expect to see additions regularly.

Parkour is an incredibly fun way of working out while increasing your overall cardiovascular health and improving agility and overall fitness abilities that can be applied to other sports. We have received a lot of testimonials from parents and coaches of other sports in the valley stating what a difference they can see in the skills application in their athletes that have had parkour training due to their body awareness, speed, balance, and strength!

Come join the Higs Academy team, set some goals, and crush them!

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